The Agostinho Neto University’s College of Law was opened in the 1979/80 academic year by ministerial order nº 32779, and its creation confirmed by Decree nº 152/780, of 09/29/80 of the Council of Ministers.

From the installing Commission were Professors Adérito Correia and Fernando Oliveira, currently elected Director, who directed the College more than once over its twenty year existence and whose successes they are deeply associated with.

The college began operating on the second floor of the building that houses today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in downtown Luanda.
At the beginning of the 1989/90 academic year, the college was transferred to the engineering college pavilions which were shared in a precarious and transitory manner with the courses of Architecture, Electrotechnology and with the CNICC.

In the 1991/92 academic year, the College began to occupy the second floor of the building of the National Institute of Statistics, belonging to Agostinho Neto University, after having benefited from extensive repair and improvements.