Maria do Rosário Sambo, Ph.D


Dr. Maria Sambo graduated in Medicine from the College of Medicine at Agostinho Neto University in 1983, majored in Neurology in 1997 in Portugal. In 2010, she obtained a PhD in Genetic Medicine, also in Portugal and was awarded the Pfizer Prize for Clinical Research. One year later in 2011, Dr. Maria Sambo won the Prize for Biomedical Research by the Angolan Medical Association.

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Domingos Margarida, Ph.D

Vice Rector - Academic And Student Affairs

Pedro Magalhães, Ph.D

Vice Rector - Scientific And Post-Graduate Affairs

Agatângelo Eduardo, Ph.D

Vice Rector - Outreach And Cooperation

Rivelino de Gove, Ph.D

Vice Rector - Administration And Management


Suzanete Nunes da Costa, Ph.D

Dean - College of Science

Víctor Mário Chicua Kajibanga, Ph.D

Dean - College of Social Sciences

André Victor, Ph.D

Dean - Law School

Redento Pedro Carlos Maia, Ph.D

Dean - Economics College

Alice de Ceita e Almeida, Ph.D

Dean - Engineering College

Alexandre Mavungo Chicuna, Ph.D

Dean - College Of Letters

Santos Morais Nicolau, Ph.D

Dean - Medical School

MSc. Maria da Conceição Martins da Silva

Dean - Higher Institute Of Health Sciences

MSc. Mateus Manuel Neto

General manager - School Of Hospitality And Tourism