AEUAN – UAN’s Student Association

Santiago Lino Vunge Primeiro- Presidente da Associação dos UAN 1 copy
We are the Agostinho Neto University’s Student Association, an academic and student body that is part of the largest Higher Education Public Institution in Angola. We’re a voluntary non-profit organization whose main objective is to defend the legally protected rights and interests of the Students, and to carry out activities aimed at their multifaceted development.

Legal Framework

AEUAN is a legal entity with academic purposes, a legal personality and a voluntary nature, which brings together the representatives of the nine (09) Organizational Units of Agostinho Neto University.


AEUAN enjoys autonomy in relation to the University’s Organs in the elaboration of its internal norms, in the administration of its assets, in the management of its space and in the definition of its business plans.

AEUAN pursues and guides its action based on the following objectives:

  • The defense of the interests of Agostinho Neto University’s students.
  • The creation of a spirit of cooperation, solidarity and unity among students
  • The promotion, development and continuous stimulation of the improvement of scientific and technical training.
  • The promotion and development of cultural, recreational, educational and sports activities.

Association Members

Santiago Lino Vunge Primeiro

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Osvaldo Kapinâla

Secretary for Academic Affairs

Mawete Sebastião

Secretary for Cooperation and Exchange