The Center for Research in Public Policies and Local Governance (CPPPGL), created on August 30, 2016, is an organic unit of Agostinho Neto University, dedicated to advanced studies and scientific research in public policies and local governance.


The main mission of the CPPPGL is the scientific research conducive to the training of postgraduate cadres in the area of ​​public policies and local governance. The challenges of the CPPPGL center on the increasing elevation of its mission and professional rigor, ensuring that it is continuously the Center of reference in matters of Governance in Angola.

Director Profile

Name: Dr. Carlos Manuel dos Santos Teixeira
Academic Degree: Master
Teaching: Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law

Center for Research in Public Policy and Local Governance (CPPPGL) is an institution of scientific research, transdisciplinary teaching and applied research, created in 2012, which in the scope of the expansion of its activities in the field of applied research, presents its main lines of research Directed to the public policies and administration and local power that are constituted by the sub-lines described in the text below.



Teaching and evaluation of courses

Independent study
Oriented Study
Plenary Sessions
Seminars, individual and group work
Course Evaluation
Name Level Specialty Nationality
Prof. Carlos Teixeira Doctorate Law Angolan
Prof. Dr. Jacob Massuanganhe PhD Economics / Post-Doctorate in Law Mozambican – Resident
Prof. Dra Elisa Rangel PhD Law / Public Finance Angolan
Prof. Dr. Raul Araújo PhD Law Angolan
Prof. Dr. Carlos Feijó PhD Law Angolan
Prof. Dr. José Octávio PhD Sociology Angolan
Prof. Dr Paulo de Carvalho PhD Sociology Angolan
Prof. Dr. Victor Kagibanga PhD Sociology Angolan
Prof. Dra. Maria Luisa Abrantes PhD Law Angolan
Prof. Dr. Valêncio Manoel PhD Economy / Law Angolan
Prof. Dr. Vasco Nhabinde Doctorate Economy Mozambican
Prof. Dr. Giovani Corralo PhD Municipal Law Brazilian
Prof. Dr. Janina Santin PhD Law Brazilian
Prof. Dr Bacelar Goveia PhD Law Portuguese
Profa. Dra Nazaré Cabral PhD Law Portuguese
Prof. Dr José Alexandrino PhD Law Portuguese
Master Manuel Neto Doctorate Economy Angolan
Master Carlos Cavuquila Master’s Degree Law Angolan
Master Fernando Nguri Master’s Degree Law Angolan
Master António Mafuani Master’s Degree Economy Angolan
Dra Maria Sango Master’s Degree Law Angolan
Master Carlos de Nascimento Master’s Degree Law Angolan
Dr. Samuel Daniel Master’s Degree Law Angolan
Dra White Rose Master Student Law Angolan
Dr. Francisco Xavier Master’s Degree Economy Angolan


Ho Chi Min Avenue
Faculty of Law, Agostinho Neto University
Second floor, Room 4

Email 1: cteixeira1611@hotmail.com
Email 2: jacob.massuanganhe@gmail.com
Phone: (+244) 923 585 750