Director profile

Name: Dr. Esperança Maria Eduardo Francisco da Costa
Teaching: Full Professor of the Master’s in Environmental Management and Governance


The mission of the Botany Center is to study and inventory the plant diversity of food, medicinal, forestry and timber and ornamental interest throughout the country; Keep and store specimens in herbarium; Train human resources in the areas of Biodiversity, Pharmacognosy and Environment; Edit and promote the publication of scientific and didactic works elaborated in the Center of Botany. The Center is a member of the Southern Africa Biodiversity Network. Since 1998, on behalf of the Luanda Herbarium, she has been National Coordinator of the SABONET Southern African Botanical Diversity Network Project with GEF / UNDP funds. Today, the Center is a member of this Network and maintains contact with foreign counterparts, eg. Kewgardens, Botanical Garden of Meise of Belgium, Botanical Center of Lisbon Herbariums of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon and Coimbra.

This Organic Unit is an important institution that implements national policies for research on the potential use of plant diversity.

  • Fito ecology
  • Taxonomy
  • Climate Change
  • Biotechnology

Developing programs

  • Vegetation mapping
  • Threatened Plants for Extinction
  • Wild Plants of Food Interest
  • Wood Plants
  • Medicinal Plants / pharmacognosy
  • Herbarium Specimens Scanning
  • Master of Environmental Management and Governance
  • Botanical Garden

The center provides a master’s degree course

Applications: 30

Numerus Clausus: 25

Recipients: Degree in Biology, Environmental Engineering, Agronomy, Biochemistry or related fields.

Scientific Coordination: Professor Doctor Esperança Maria Eduardo Francisco da Costa, Full Professor.

In 2009, the Permanent Commission of the University Senate for Scientific Affairs approved the creation of the Study Center for the Improvement of Training, Research and Extension (CEMFIE), which later became known as the “Center for the Study of Support Training, Research and Extension “(CEAFIE).

On August 24, 2012 is approved the resolution of the Senate of the Agostinho Neto University regarding the proposal to create the Study Center to Support Training, Research and Extension. This order entered into force on 30 August 2012.

The Center for Studies and Scientific Research of Botany (Botanic Center), is a Research and Development Institution of Agostinho Neto University, Integrated the Luanda Herbarium, LUAI established in 1963. The Center created in 2004 has its Statutes since January of 2012.


Avenida Revolução de Outubro,
Building of CNIC, 1st floor, left wing
Luanda Angola
Tel: +244 914 863 959 / +244 923 301 533 / +244 923 550 165