Director profile

Name: Dr. Suzanete Nunes da Costa
Academic Degree: PhD in Geology
Teaching: Full Professor of Geology at the UAN Faculty of Sciences

Our motto is to transform problems into projects through a closer relationship between University-Society.


Carry out actions that contribute to the development of higher education in UAN and the academic, scientific, cultural, social, and economic life of the country.


To contribute in an innovative perspective for the development of Higher Education through the generation, assimilation, adaptation, diffusion and transference of areas of scientific and technological knowledge in Angola and other Countries.

  • Support for the organization, orientation and development of the scientific and pedagogical training of UAN faculty and other HEIs.
  • Improving the policy of linking UAN with society in the Teaching and Research process.
  • Increased impetus to methodological work in different institutions.
  • The gradual increase in the quality of Educational Teaching Process and Research.
  • Follow-up on the organization, orientation and development of the curricular transformation process of UAN as a system and the analysis of the curricular structures of the Organizational Units (analysis of course integration and creation of new courses).
  • Assistance to UAN’s Internal Evaluation Committees and staff training to develop the work.
  • The organization, orientation and development of the work for the consolidation of UAN’s laboratories.
  • The increase in social work of the Distance Learning Center.
  • More realism of the projections on the development of teaching and research at UAN.
  • Improved human resources performance assessment.
  • Support for the education of children and adolescents in Angola.
  • The implementation of investigations into the history of UAN, and its influence on the development of Angola.
  • The organization, and the development of Vocational and Vocational Guidance work at UAN.
  • Support for new graduates entering the labor market.
  • The formation of a teaching staff made up of Angolan teachers to teach pedagogical training courses.

In 2009, the Permanent Commission of the University Senate for Scientific Affairs approved the creation of the Study Center for the Improvement of Training, Research and Extension (CEMFIE), which later became known as the “Center for the Study of Support Training, Research and Extension “(CEAFIE).

On August 24, 2012 is approved the resolution of the Senate of the Agostinho Neto University regarding the proposal to create the Study Center to Support Training, Research and Extension. This order entered into force on 30 August 2012.

The Center for the Study of Support for Training, Research and Extension, hereinafter referred to as CEAFIE, is an organic unit of the Agostinho Neto University (UAN), dedicated to advanced studies, scientific research, postgraduate teaching and technical to know.


University Campus of Agostinho Neto University
Rua Direita da Camama and Rua do Estádio do 11 de Novembro
Municipality of Belas, Luanda-Sul