Director profile

Name: Dr. Ndonga Mfuwa
Academic Degree: Doctor
Teaching: Professor of the Master in Demography and Population Studies (Project)

  • Demography, Population and Development
  • Reproductive Health and Population Growth
  • Language and Language Policy
  • Forensic Linguistics Studies
  • Mobility and Migration (Internal and External) Populations in Angola and Africa
  • Youth / Women’s Employment / Unemployment
  • STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • The Evolution and Development of Education in Angola
  • Childhood Illness and Child Mortality
  • Poverty in Angola
  • Domestic Violence
  • Witchcraft and Imbalance of Society in Angola
  • The Demographic Impact on Regional and Urban Evolution in Angolan
  • The “Zunga” Phenomenon in Angola.

Initiated in 1996 as a project for teaching statistics and demography by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) in collaboration with Agostinho Neto University, CEIP Center for Education and Research in Population) was taken over by the extinct Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of UAN in 2006, transforming it into a Center for Studies and Research in Population.

It was instituted in Organic Unit, through Decree 2277/12 of 22 October (DR Series I, nº 202 of 22.10.2012) with the mission of:

( a ) promote advanced study, research and systematization of information on realities and phenomena relating to population and their development punch – economic and cultural;

( b ) promote dissemination of information and publication of scientific and technical work in these fields;

( c ) create the conditions for raising the scientific and professional capacity of UAN staff and other Angolan educational institutions To population and sustainable development issues;

( d ) promote and streamline various cooperation and extension programs in your area of ​​expertise.

In accordance with its statutes, CEIP integrates the following Working Groups: Demography, Statistics, Sociology, Surveys and Surveys, Health, Education and Housing , Applied Linguistics, Economics, History of Populations, Environment and Sustainable Development.

The Center for Studies and Research in Population was instituted in Organic Unit, through Decree 2277/12 of 22 October (DR Series I, nº 202 of 22.10. 2012).


Building of CNIC – National Center for Scientific Research (MCT)
1º Floor, Av. Ho Chi Minh, 56 Urban District of Maianga, Luanda


Phone: (+244) 934 844 880