Director profile

Name: Dr. Pedro António Moçambique
Academic Degree: PhD
Teaching: Full Professor of the Master’s Degree in Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources

The CRF was created with the mission of being a center for conservation, research and use of plant genetic resources, as well as for the formation of cadres, that is, giving placements at the undergraduate and postgraduate level with interest in the area of plant genetic resources.

Generally speaking, CRF operates in two main areas that are part of the country’s socio-economic development strategy. These are the training of cadres and food security in the agricultural context.

The CRF is part of the SADC regional network of plant genetic resources with the regional headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.

Our line of research is the conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources.

The activities of conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources began in 1988 in close collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (now Ministry of Agriculture) and Agostinho Neto University, through the Faculty of Sciences.

In 1990, the Phytogenetic Center of Luanda was established in the Faculty of Sciences by Professor Elizabeth Matos. Luanda’s Phytogenetic Center would be a “satellite” bank of the National Seed Bank that was projected to be at the Agronomic Research Institute (IIA) in Chianga, in the province of Huambo, under the guidance of Professor Fernando Marcelino.

In 1991 the first collections of genetic resources were carried out in Angola in the provinces of Huíla and Cunene by Professor Elizabeth Matos. From 1990, the Phytogenetic Center of Luanda developed progressively and in 1995 it was transferred to the building of the National Center of Scientific Investigation (CNIC).

However, the work collections of the improvement programs at the IIA Experimental Station in Chianga, Huambo Province, guided by Prof. Fernando Marcelino were destroyed during the post-election war.

As a result of this destruction, and due to the occupation of the province, it was decided by the Minister of Agriculture that the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources (CNRF, now CRF) of the Faculty of Sciences of the Agostinho Neto University (UAN) Plant genetic resources.

The CNRF was created by order No. 23 / GR / 98 and officially inaugurated at the CNIC building on November 11, 1998, seven years after the establishment of a plant genetic resources center at the Faculty of Sciences. Since February 2000, the CNRF has been the subject of a collaboration protocol between the Agostinho Neto University and the Ministry of Agriculture.


Science and Technology Building (CNIC)
Ho Chi Min Avenue, No. 201
P.O. Box 10043 (BG)
Luanda Angola
Phone: +244 911 72 52 22 / +244 222 350 495

Collection of Plant Genetic Resources